Japanese Wagyu Beef

​Japanese Wagyu Beef is the world's priciest beef of which is renowned for its rich buttery flavour and melt in your mouth texture. Unlike the Kobe Beef which can come from the US or Australia, we at Fusian believe in serving our customers the BEST and AUTHENTIC Wagyu which originates and flown in straight from Kobe Japan, a city and capital of the Hyogo Prefecture. Wagyu Beef is ranked based on its quality and marbling with the best being A5 and marbling Level 12. Therefore, we only use the highest quality A5 and a Marbling Level 11-12 in all our dishes. 

WAGYU NIGIRI                    (1 piece)                                                            10

WAGYU ROLL                                                                                               25

​Snow Crab/Asparagus/Wagyu/Yuzu

WAGYU TAR TAR                                                                                          24

​Wagyu/Béchamel Cream/Melba Toast

WAGYU SLIDERS                 (2 pieces)                                                           18

Sushi Rice/Wagyu Patty/Avocado/Aioli/Sesame                                                                      

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