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Chef Chris  Taing

Chef Chris Taing is the head Chef and owner of Fusian Experience on Academy and Co-owner of Fusian Sushi at The Forks.
Chris has been working in the restaurant business since the age of 16 starting out as a dishwasher and delivery boy. Chris worked for a number of years at his family’s local favorite Chinese restaurant called the Happy Garden located on Princess St. where he learned basic food preparation skills. After his parents sold their business, Chris moved on to work at Masa on Pembina where he was able to own his knife skills. From that point on, Chris discovered his passion for food and cooking.
 At the start of the new millennium, Chris wanted to challenge and push himself and his capabilities by opening up a number of successful restaurants starting with Asahi on Broadway where he had built up a fiercely loyal customer base, especially over lunch.
When building where Asahi was located was sold in 2008, Chris moved Asahi to Charleswood where he decided it was time to change up the menu and reinvent the traditional “sushi” model. Many of his customers followed him from across the city, and his new approach led to growing recognition by customers and eventually critics. Chris was the first Chef to receive full front page review by Marion Warhaft, giving 4.5 stars.
In 2011 Chris made a difficult decision to sell Asahi to spend quality with his family as his wife Lisa was expecting their fifth child and needed more help at home, especially during the evenings. During this time, he was approached by a number of public and private figures to cater private parties. As much as he enjoyed catering, he missed having a restaurant. This time Chris decided it was time to venture into fusion, combing elements of different culinary traditions. The focus of this new restaurant would be many tastes of Asia.
In the beginning of 2015, with the support of his family and 5 kids he opened Fusian Experience on Academy with a whole new concept and twist. His loyal customers were delighted by his new venture, and Chris became the first Chef to earn a 5 star review by Marion Warhaft in the Winnipeg Free Press in 30 years!
Chris is very passionate about his food and is always looking for new ways to push the envelope with his unique creations. When visiting at Fusian Experience you will always see that he is very serious and focused in perfecting his dishes. Chris is very dedicated and devoted to his work, he rarely takes a break. He is always looking for new ways to marry flavours and textures.