​612 Academy Road    Phone 204.691.9334

​Served Only from 11:30am - 2:00pm

​Tuesday - Friday


​SUSHI SASHIMI BENTO BOX                                                                     19

Assorted Sashimi, Tuna/Salmon Maki, Salmon Poppers, 3 pcs Nigiri

(Chef's choice) and 4 pcs of Assorted Tempura

​ROLL SUSHI BENTO BOX                                                                           15

California Hand Roll, Tuna/Salmon Maki, Dynamite Roll and Salmon Poppers

​​BB DRAGON SPECIAL                                                                                17

Assorted Sashimi, Tuna/Salmon Maki and Dragon Roll

​CALIFORNIA SUSHI SPECIAL                                                                     15

Assorted Sashimi, Tuna/Salmon Maki and California Roll

​​​DYNAMITE SPECIAL                                                                                   15

​​​Assorted Sashimi, Tuna/Salmon Maki and Dynamite Roll


​​​​All Lunch Specials served with House Green Salad and Miso Soup